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We modernize IT infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code, for small family businesses and the stock traded businesses alike. If you are in need of cloud and/or on-premise IT automation, talk to us!

Kogito v3.1.0

A new year, and new efforts are underway. For you - customers and those who want to work with us soon - this brings new offerings:

  • edge deployments of Starling X
  • OpenRAN based 5G networking

Finally, we are now fully supporting Canonical MAAS deployments in multiple regions, along with Juju based deployment of charmed applications.

For you this means: more automation, more documented workflows, and less pain when it comes to infrastructure.

In addition, we are now also initially supporting customer projects in Asia, along with existing projects in Europe. šŸ„³

Kogito v3.0.0

Due to the on-going pandemic we are increasing our investments into fully managed deployments of on-premise cloud environments, and bare metal deployments in data centers.

This shift gives our customers access to

  • #Ansible powered deployments of OpenStack
  • Charmed OpenStack deployments
  • Canonical MAAS powered rack deployments

Additionally for the first time in our history, our team is proud to offer services for development in the #Rust programming language for systems engineering, and tools supporting your cloud deployments.

After various successful pilot projects, our team now is ready to provide you with production quality #Rust.

Kogito v2.3.0

We are proud to announce that as of today, our support team can also provide full support for monitoring stacks such as the InfluxData TICK stack.

On the cloud side, we now also have an initial offering for running functions on Azure Cloud and Amazon AWS.

Kogito v2.2.0

Due to an increased interest from customers, we are now officially supporting deployments of UniFi components on-premise.

If you are modernizing your office(s), we are here to help, plan, map out and execute fully managed UniFi deployments for you.

Kogito v2.1.0

As of today, we are expanding our offerings to include support for deployments of

  • GlusterFS
  • Ceph

Of course, deployments are automated. We do not do manual deployments. šŸ˜Š

Kogito v2.0.0

We love the freedom cloud offerings give to our customers. To expand on this, we are now officially supporting fully automated on-premise clouds, supporting your private Terraform based deployments.

Currently this includes on-premise clouds running:

  • OpenStack
  • Proxmox VE
  • Vmware VSphere

Kogito V1.4.0

We are excited to announce that we are now supporting development of automated application deployments to various clouds.

As a new service, we build fully functional units to provision your favorite applications and tools into the cloud, e.g. Terraform Enterprise, GitLab EE, or the Atlassian tools.

Each deployment comes as fully documented, automated, and easy to reuse unit, which can be used for various environments, e.g staging and production.

Kogito v1.3.0

Due to an increased interest in self-managed cloud deployments, we are extending our offering to include consulting for rack-based data center deployments.

With initial customer projects ongoing, we are very excited about rolling out fully managed racks running Proxmox VE and/or OpenStack to deliver our customers offerings.

Interested in #opensource virtualization for your self-managed deployments? Get in touch now. We are just an email away!

Kogito v1.2.0

Inspired by our customers requests, we now also offer cloud architecture planning. If you are looking to migrate to cloud infrastructure or on-premise clouds, we can now support deployments with a wide range of strategies for landing zones, security concepts, layered deployments, self-service for your teams.

Get in touch with us, and make it happen!

Kogito v1.1.0

We are expanding cloud support for customers to include IBM cloud, and Kubernetes on IBM cloud.

In addition we now offer consulting for Compliance Engineering for cloud deployments. If you are deploying on Azure Cloud, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or IBM Cloud, contact us and let us help you implement compliance regulations for your cloud deployment.

Kogito v1.0.0

Today is our official first day as a company. With all contracts signed, legalized and submitted to courts, registers, etc. we take up operations.

Our initial offerings are focussed on providing cloud based automation services, such as converging application workloads into container environments using Docker and/or Kubernetes.

In addition we provide support for cloud and on-premise deployments with HashiCorp Terraform. Hot topic: Kubernetes on Azure Cloud.